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The Barber Shop is the 20-year-old* cutting-edge site that's home of all things 'Jim Barber'!

If you'd like to explore all the services The Barber Shop has to offer, simply choose "next" (above) to browse through the benefits one-by-one. If you already know which particular benefit you want, you can quickly access it through the Quick-links list on the right.

"My wish for you — as it has been for each day of the past two decades — is that you discover and fulfill your every potential! I'm looking forward to our working together!"

Jim Barbersigned Jim

Jim Barber
The Main Barber, The Barber Shop

Here are your Quick-links to different benefits of The Barber Shop:

Pro Speaker U
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Speak Your Mind! Make Money!
Pro Speaker U logo

Have you ever dreamed of moving from being a "free" speaker to being a sought-after, highly-paid "fee" speaker? Jim Barber's Pro Speaker U is for all those people who have ever considered becoming professional speakers. PSU guides you through successfully launching your new career as a professional speaker — without inconvenient scheduling, time-consuming travel, or budget-busting expenses!

scrabble tiles spelling DREAM

PSU helps make your dream
— your dream of making a difference and making a living —
come true!

Speaker Gym
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Strengthen Your Speaking Skills!
Speaker Gym logo

The Speaker Gym is an exciting new way to improve your communication skills. Since Speaker Gym is completely on-line, you can strengthen your speaking skills at your pace, at your convenience, and on your schedule — without wasting valuable time traveling or sitting through boring meetings.

child holding microphone without fear

You've got something to say.
Say it...
and say it well!

Finders Speakers Showcase
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Finders Speakers logo

Looking for a speaker? There are lots of speakers directories around, but most of them only promote speakers that belong to their particular organization. Or maybe they limit themselves to representing only high-fee keynoters or specialized trainers. Some even don't let you contact the speaker directly!

The Finders Speakers Showcase is different. Our speakers are diverse — from all areas of the globe, from all walks of life, and at all different fee levels. And best of all, all contact is between you and the speaker you choose! So, looking for a speaker? Look no further than Finders Speakers!

cheering audience

Want to make your next event a special event?
Find the right speaker for you at Finders Speakers!

Wyze Words
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What Are Today's Leaders and Influencers Saying?
Wyze Words logo

Do you want a quotation to spice up your presentation (or maybe brighten up your life), but you're tired of the same old overused quotations from Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, or — gasp! — any of the Roosevelts (Teddy, Franklin, or Eleanor)?

You should check out Wyze Words! Just as Finders Speakers tells you about the thought leaders and influencers of today, Wyze Words tells you what they're saying.

man using tin can on string as phone

Why settle for the same ol' tired quotations by the same ol' tired people?
Discover what today's leaders and influencers are saying!

The Barber Shop Bookstore
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The Barber Shop Bookstore
20+ Years of Serving Speakers!
The Barber Shop Bookstore logo

The Barber Shop Bookstore is the oldest (established 1998) online "bookstore" created specifically to meet the needs of speakers, trainers, and other people for whom communications skills are important.

Essential for both professional and public speakers, The Barber Shop Bookstore is where you can find answers to your important questions like —

"How can I strengthen my communication skills?"

Being a member of the Speaker Gym is valuable, but it isn't the only way to strengthen your presentation skills.

There's a world of valuable resources and services that can help turn a good speaker into a great speaker! The first problem is knowing they exist — and when you know they exist, you've still got the problem of finding them. The Barber Shop Bookstore helps by conveniently bringing the best resources together in one place!

What are you waiting for? Being a good speaker isn't good enough anymore. You owe it to yourself to become a great speaker!

"How Do I Make My Business More Profitable?"

Pro speakers need a wide variety of resources to help them run their businesses — everything from valuable resources like microphones, webcams, and other technological marvels, to helpful services like speech coaching or book editing. The Barber Shop Bookstore is your one-stop resource center for the goods and services that a successful speaking pro needs.

buying online with credit card

Invest in your business.
Invest in your future.
Invest in yourself!!

Speakers Promo
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Speakers! How Can They Hire You If They Can't Find You?
Speaker Promo logo

The biggest challenge faced by most professional speakers is marketing. When you're a pro speaker, you can actually lose sleep worrying how people are going to find you. And it does you no good to write brilliant witticisms when the only people who read them already know about them. (It's the social media version of preaching to the choir!)

Every serious pro speaker needs to be a member of Speaker Promo! As a member of Speaker Promo, you get 5 individual, full-page listings that you can place in either the Finders Speakers Showcase or The Barber Shop Bookstore and you get 12 (that's right, a full dozen!) QuIPS entries which you can use to dazzle and impress your prospective clients.

If you're a professional speaker, you owe it to yourself and your career to take advantage of the marketing and positioning opportunities offered by Finders Speakers, The Barber Shop Bookstore, and QuIPS. Join Speaker Promo today!

person with lips taped shut

Is your career a well-kept secret?
Stop hiding your greatness!

About Jim Barber
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Jim Barber — the Man and the Myth
photo of Jim Barber

Jim Barber is the creator of the Speaker Gym, Pro Speaker U, Finders Speakers, QuIPS, the Speaker's Gratitude Board, Jim's Web World, and of course, The Barber Shop Enrichment Center itself.

Drawing on almost 4 decades as a speaking professional, 3 decades as an active member of Toastmasters, chapter liaison for the National Speakers Association, and president (twice!) of the Florida Speakers Association, Jim knows the ins-and-outs of effective presentations. And you can benefit from Jim's skills in a wide variety of ways, from speech writing, book editing, voice overs, and presentation coaching, to Jim's own seminars and keynotes.

Jim has helped people at hundreds of companies and organizations around the world. How can he help you?

Jim Barber at TEDx event

"Imagine how great you'll be!"

Jim's Web World
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Are You Making the Most of the Web?
Jim's Web World Logo

Do you have your own email address? It's so much more professional (and fun!) to give people an email address like "jim@thebarbershop.com" instead of "jimb4987@gmail.com". And you can do it for only pennies a day!

Do you have your own domain name, like "thebarbershop.com"? Maybe you think you don't need a domain name because you don't have a website. But are you absolutely sure that you won't ever want it sometime in the future? Here's the bad news — anyone can reserve a domain name using your name, and there's nothing you can do about it! So even if you don't need a domain name now, it's a good idea to protect your name (or your speech title, or the name of the start-up that you're going to launch someday, or the title of your future bestselling book... anything at all) from being "stolen" by someone else.

If you have your own website, is it secure? (That is, do you access it as "https://"?) Insecure websites have a higher risk of being targeted by hackers, and they're already being penalized by the major search engines in page rankings. Since you can secure your website for only a dollar or two a month, it doesn't make sense for your site to be unprotected!

At Jim's Web World, you can set up your own private email accounts, reserve domain names, secure your websites, and much more. For all your Internet needs, Jim's Web World is your source for the best in Internet resources!

woman sitting at computer

Look at it this way... stopping someone else from grabbing "your" dot-com domain name for less than $10 a year is one of the cheapest insurance policies you can get!

Pro Speakers Day
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August 7 is Pro Speaker Day
Newspaper Headline: August 7 Declared Pro Speaker Day

According to Chase's Calendar of Events, August 7 of every year is "Professional Speakers Day — A day celebrating the consummate professionals who through their oratorical skills help people."

Simple math shows why. There are tens of thousands of professional speakers around the world, and each of them speaks to thousands of people each year. That's a lot of influence!

Jim Barber is the official contact for Professional Speaker Day, and The Barber Shop is pleased to be the online epicenter of the PSD festivities.

man giving thumbs up sign

But don't wait for August 7 to thank a speaker!
Visit the Speaker Gratitude Board and thank your favorite speakers today

Speaker Gratitude Board
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Say "Thank You" to Your Favorite Speakers!
Heart jewelry

The Barber Shop is honored to host the Speaker Gratitude Board, a place where you can say "thanks" to those speakers (professional or public) who have made a difference in your life.

The Speaker Gratitude Board is where you can express your appreciation to the speakers who have impacted your life, not just on Professional Speakers Day (August 7), but any day of the year!

cheering crowd

How can you applaud a video or webinar?
The Speaker Gratitude Board makes it easy!

About The Barber Shop
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The Barber Shop Reaches Legal Drinking Age!
wrapped birthday gift

That's right! In 2018 (on March 14, to be precise), The Barber Shop turns 21 years old. (That's older than Facebook, YouTube, or even Google!) Check out the fascinating story of this 20+ year, award-winning website.

The festivities are just beginning! In 2019, Jim Barber will celebrate 40 years of being in the business of helping people. Jim's business started as "Barberian Enterprises", but it was another 18 years before "thebarbershop.com" was born. (We had to wait for the World Wide Web to be invented first!) So we'll hold a proper 40th-birthday party for the business itself next year! But first, the big question....

Jim's website, The Barber Shop, is over 20 years old. Jim's business is almost 40. How old, you may ask, is Jim Barber himself? Let's just say that Truman was still president when Jim was born. (In other words, Jim is "older than dirt".)

Woman pointing to Jim Barber on computer display

The Barber Shop —
Where you'll find nothing about hair,
but everything about the Barber!

The Barber Shop Press Room
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What's Happening at The Barber Shop?
paintbrush painting fencepost

There's lots happening at The Barber Shop! Unfortunately, much of it is as exciting as watching paint dry (and believe me, you don't want to know about it). But occasionally something really interesting does happen, and on those rare occasions, I issue a media release (or "press release" for you traditionalists) so you can share in the thrill.

Discover what's happening at The Barber Shop in our Press Room!

man reading newspaper

"Extra! Extra!
Read all about it!"

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