The Barber Shop

The 20-year-old* cutting-edge site that's home of the Speaker Gym, "speaker Jim" (Jim Barber, that is), Pro Speaker U, Jim's Web World, and more!

Build Your Confidence!

Jim Barber's Speaker Gym is an exciting new program that strengthens your communication skills! Then Pro Speaker U guides you through successfully launching your new career as a professional speaker!

Jim Barber

If you dream of being a better communicator, Jim Barber and The Barber Shop will help you make your dreams come true!

Welcome to The Barber Shop

Where You'll Find Nothing About Hair,
but Everything About The Barber

The Barber Shop is your gateway to a variety of exciting areas. How can I help you?

Furthermore, The Barber Shop is happy to host the Professional Speaker Day Gratitude Board, a place where you can say "thanks" to those professional speakers who have made a difference in your life.

My wish for you — as it has been for each day of the past two decades* — is that you fulfill your every potential! I'm eager to help!

Jim Barber

Head Proprietor, The Barber Shop

*Yep, two decades! Check out the 20-year history of The Barber Shop website.

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