Jim Barber

Jim Barber has a long and eclectic career. Over the past 40 years, Jim has been a technical trainer, keynoter, voice talent, master of ceremonies, podcaster, TEDx Talker, body double (Jim's physique provided the body of George Washington for the cover of Dr. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein's Conventional Wisdom), workshop facilitator, copy editor, publisher, e-commerce developer, web designer, and more.

Getting to know Jim through pictures....

"Wake Up and Dream On!"

Dress for Success!

Hanging at a District Conference!

Relaxing after my Talk

FSA's Bill Gove award!

Ali Meets Barber!

Boogie On!

Jim has helped audiences at hundreds of organizations, including the European Space Agency [Germany], the Royal Aircraft Establishment [England], Ontario Hydroelectric [Canada], the Atlantic Underwater Testing and Evaluation Center [Bahamas], Linköpings Universitet [Sweden], and a variety of U.S. organizations including the Miami Parking System, San Diego Gas and Electric, NASA / Goddard, and Texas Instruments.

Jim is also the author of 18 books, including The Complete Professional Speaker's Office Kit (described by Glenna Salsbury, past president of the National Speakers Association, as "the best single investment you can make in your speaking career") and The Professional Speaker's Mastery (described as "packed with the stuff you need to run a professional practice as a speaker or consultant!" by Randy Gage, author of Why You're Dumb, Sick and Broke).

Jim has also lent his voice to a variety of audio projects ranging from product announcer ("But wait! There's more!") to medical voiceovers ("Now review the placement of the nasogastric, naosesophageal, esophagostomy and jejunostomy tubes"). Jim has also done voice work for a number of professional speakers, including Dr. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ellen Bristol, Ruben Perczek, and Randy Gage.

Currently, Jim is BOOGIEing! BOOGIE (Barber's Official Online Guide to Individual Edification) provides personalized individual coaching (conducted online, for maximum convenience) to both public and professional speakers.

Jim has been committed to the speaking industry for much of that same period. He's....

  • been an active member of Toastmasters International for over 30 years;
  • twice served as president of the Florida Speakers Association; and
  • received multiple honors, including FSA's Sam Edwards Award and the Bill Gove Lifetime Achievement Award, and he was the first recipient of the FSA Jim Barber Leadership Excellence Award, named in his honor.

Jim has been excited about the awesome potential of technology since before the World Wide Web was even born!

  • In 1981, Jim purchased his first computer system, a Radio Shack "Trash 80" Model II with 64 K (that's right, youngsters, "64 K") of memory, three 8-inch floppy drives daisy-chained together to give him a whopping 750KB of offline storage, and a daisy-wheel printer which could print an entire page in less than a minute! The whole system cost a little under $10K (in 1980 dollars), but it quickly paid for itself as Jim launched one of the first desktop-publishing businesses.
  • Jim was developing content for the Internet in the early 90's (that's before the World Wide Web was developed),
  • He created his first standalone web site in 1995, the same year that Internet Explorer was released.
  • In 2000, PC World magazine declared his web site, The Barber Shop, to be a “top ten” site for professional speakers.
  • As a give-back to the speaking industry, Jim has recently created Pro Speaker U, a repository of articles, quizzes, guides, videos, tutorials, checklists and assessments, all focused on one thing — helping aspiring pro speakers make the move "from free to fee". PSU is available to anyone who needs it, without cost or obligation.
  • Jim also created Finders Speakers, the effective and inexpensive way for professional speakers to position themselves in front of the people who hire speakers.

As you can tell, Jim has done a lot of things in a lot of areas. But most of them involve speaking, both public and professional. And all of them involve helping people to reach their full potential.

When you need Jim's services, he's ready to help. Contact him here!