Setting Your Fees and Prices

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses, from single-person entrepreneurs to giant corporations, is the necessity of picking the "right" price or fee for their products and services.

In this OMG session, you will explore a variety of tips and techniques for determining the best price for each of your different products and services. Much of the discussion will be driven by your questions, so I can't say exactly what topics we'll be covering in this session, but I'm planning on starting with the importance of “running the numbers”, how your clients perceive (and react to) your prices, and the psychology of using and setting price breakpoints. I'll answer your questions and cover other aspects of fees and prices as time permits.

The official cost of this webinar is $5. However, you can attend this OMG webinar at no cost when you use the coupon code FREEMONEY when you register!

The session will be held on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at 8 pm EDT, and will run approximately 1 hour.

Price: $5.00