PSD Gratitude Board

For immediate release: August 7, 2017
Jim Barber
The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop Hosts Speaker Gratitude Board
"Now People Can Honor Their Favorite Speakers Year-Round"

According to Chase's Calendar of Events, Professional Speakers Day is a day to recognize "the consummate professionals who help people through their oratorical skills." It's celebrated on August 7 of each year.

To enable people to express their appreciation to those speakers who have impacted their lives, not just on August 7 but on any day of the year, The Barber Shop has created The Speaker's Gratitude Board ( This board allows anyone to identify a speaker (public or professional) and post a note of appreciation to them.

There is no charge for posting a note of appreciation to the Gratitude Board, and any speaker may be recognized by any individual. (However, entries are reviewed beforehand, and inappropriate entries are not posted.)

"People should have the opportunity to express appreciation to their favorite speakers on any day of the year," said Jim Barber, founder and creator of The Barber Shop, and the official contact person for Professional Speakers Day.

For further information, see the PSD Gratitude FAQ page.

About The Barber Shop: The Barber Shop is a website which has met the needs of public and professional speakers for the past 20 years. In 2000, PC World magazine recognized The Barber Shop to be among the top ten websites for professional speakers. In 2017, The Barber Shop became a portal to four other websites for public and professional speakers; these websites are scheduled to launch later in the year.