TBS Launch

For immediate release: August 1, 2017
Jim Barber
The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop is Transformed
"It's a Brand-New 20-Year-Old Website"

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, The Barber Shop has undergone a transformation. The Barber Shop, a website supporting both public and professional speaking activities, was first registered by Jim Barber as a dot-com domain on March 14, 1997. (That's 18 months before Google was founded.) In 2017, The Barber Shop has been completely rewritten in HTML5 and CSS3 both to be responsive (to support mobile devices) and secure (to support e-commerce).

In addition to listing the services which founder Jim Barber offers, The Barber Shop is also a portal to four additional websites which are scheduled to open in August and September of 2017:

  • the Speaker Gym (where public speakers can strengthen their communication skills),
  • Pro Speaker U (which guides public speakers in making the transition "from free to fee"),
  • Finders Speakers (a marketing tool for designed to meet the needs of emerging professional speakers), and
  • Jim's Web World (where anyone can acquire web resources like domain names, hosting, and email accounts).

"At a time when both companies and websites can come-and-go rather quickly, I'm delighted to have a website that has supported both public and professional speakers for twenty years. I'm already looking forward to celebrating our quarter-century anniversary!" said Jim Barber, founder and creator of The Barber Shop.

About The Barber Shop: The Barber Shop is a website which has met the needs of public and professional speakers for the past 20 years. In 2000, PC World magazine recognized The Barber Shop to be among the top ten websites for professional speakers. In 2017, The Barber Shop became a portal to four other websites for public and professional speakers; these websites are scheduled to launch later in the year.