This is what The Barber Shop looked like on December 6, 1998 (a few months after was registered as a domain). Kinda crude, but considering it was all raw HTML hard-coded by a self-taught programmer (me), it's really not too bad.

The Barber Shop reconstruction courtesy of The Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

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How to Choose the Perfect Speaker

Instant Information on the best Professional Speakers

What does Bill Gove, first president of the National Speakers Association, say every speaker should have?

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The Meetings

for the Meetings Industry

Includes "How to Choose a Speaker", over 200 CVB websites, and dozens of meetings and hospitality associations!

Finders Speakers

"Finders Speakers" is our exciting list of professional speakers who have web pages or websites. Meeting planners -- let your fingers do the browsing.... through Finders Speakers!

Barber Shop Bookstore

The Barber Shop, in association with Amazon Books, offers the best books on motivation, self-help, public speaking, and more. Check it out!

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"What's new in the Barber Shop?" keeps you current on our latest updates.
 And our exclusive "BS Search Engine" (no, the 'BS' stands for Barber Shop!) lets you find anything, quickly and easily.

About the Proprietor

Jim Barber is a professional speaker, author, and website designer. Discover more about "the engineer of success"... right here!

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This is the "home page" for The Barber Shop (http://www.thebarbershop . com),
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