Get Paid to Speak Your Mind!

Do you enjoy speaking to people, but you wonder if you could get paid for it? Do you want to make a living at making a difference? Do you want to be a professional speaker, but you don't know how to go about it?

If you're like many people, the process of going "from free to fee" seems complicated and mysterious. You've got lots of questions, but where can you find the answers?

You need Pro Speaker U!

Pro Speaker U is a free podcast chock-full of useful suggestions (and a few dire warnings), tips, techniques, insights, general guidance, and much, much more.

But Pro Speaker U is more than a simple podcast. While you're listening to an episode on your phone, you can tap the "message" button and ask a question, and I'll answer your question in an upcoming episode! So Pro Speaker U isn't just a podcast, it's a dialogue between me and you! (Note: "message" is only available when you're listening to Pro Speaker U on your smartphone using the Anchor app.)

But wait, there's more!

Pro Speaker U is also a website (you're looking at it right now), and on the website I'll offer suggestions and guidance that don't necessarily lend themselves to an audio podcast.

There's one significant difference between a public speaker and a successful professional speaker — mindset. You need to think like a business owner. You need to act like a business owner. In short, you need Pro Speaker U.

Here are the most recent episodes:


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Here's some stuff that doesn't fit in a podcast::

Other good stuff will be added to Pro Speaker U over time. Check back again!

4 — Five Phases of a Pro's Career (Part 2)

A pro speaker's career spans 5 phases, each with its own particular danger. Continuing from the previous episode, this session explores the final 3 phases, and examines the dangers inherent in phases 3 and 4 (and how you can protect yourself), as well as considering why being in phase 5 is worth all the trouble.

3 — Five Phases of a Pro's Career (part 1)

There are 5 phases which pro speakers move through over the life of their careers. Each phase has a different danger, so it's important that you recognize which phase you're currently in. This episode explores the first 2 phases and how you can handle their dangers.

2 — You Are NOT a Speaker

One of the most difficult concepts for beginning pro speakers to fathom is quite often the idea that they are not speakers, they are business owners. This episode explores the dangers of thinking like a speaker.

1 — Welcome to Pro Speaker U

Some people dream of being a professional speaker. Pro Speaker U is dedicated to one thing --- helping those people achieve their dream. (To be supplied)