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Do you enjoy speaking to people, but you wonder if you could get paid for it? Do you want to make a living at making a difference? Do you want to be a professional speaker, but you don't know how to go about it?

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Since the prospect of becoming a pro speaker excites you, you should:

If you're like many people, the process of going "from free to fee" seems complicated and mysterious. You've got lots of questions, but where can you find the answers?

You'll discover the answers to your questions — and much, much more — in Pro Speaker U. (Here's a list of what's currently in PSU. More Sooths are being continually added!)

What's in Pro Speaker U?

Pro Speaker U has over 100 tips, insights, suggestions, and warnings — called "Sooths" — that guide you through the mysterious and intimidating process of launching your new career as a professional speaker! You'll find answers to pressing questions like:

  • Why should you always use a speaker's contract, even for free speeches? (Warning! If you don't do this, your "free" speech can end up costing you a lot of money!)
  • In writing your speaker's contract, what one word should you not use to avoid potential hassles with your client's legal department? (PSU provides you with over a dozen fully-customizable speakers' contracts, each one created specifically to meet the needs of speaking pros like you!
  • When you're working with Speakers Bureaus, what is the one question that you must ask every prospective client? (Warning! Not asking this question could easily cost you thousands of dollars in bureau business.)
  • It's sad, but true — you can't copyright your book title. So how can you protect yourself from someone stealing your title? (Actually, PSU provides you with two techniques that you can use!)
  • Speaking of copyrights, of your book, your speech, your brochure, and your business card, which one can you not copyright? (You might be shocked at this one!)
  • What simple phrase should you include on your recording agreements to ensure that snippets of your presentation don't end up on a YouTube "bloopers" post? (Warning! "Going viral" is usually a good thing, but if a "bloopers" recording goes viral, it can ruin your reputation!)
  • How do you determine the right fee for your speech (or price for your product)? (Warning! Picking the wrong fee is probably the biggest reason that aspiring pro speakers fail. Fortunately, this topic is so important that Pro Speaker U explores dozens of ways to determine the right fee!)
  • Speaking of fees, do you know how to calculate your actual costs of developing a keynote or training program? (Warning! If you don't perform this vital calculation, you could easily "succeed" yourself into bankruptcy.)

The answers to these questions — and many more — are waiting for you in Pro Speaker U. But there are some things that you won't find in PSU....

What's NOT in Pro Speaker U?

  • Useless theory — In each Sooth you'll explore one practical, "truth from the trenches" real-world concept which will advance your speaking career.
  • Time-wasting presentations — Each Sooth is designed to be explored in about 5 to 10 minutes, so it doesn't impact your busy schedule.
  • Long-term commitments or contracts — Simply maintain your monthly subscription for as long as you want; whenever you no longer need PSU's guidance, just cancel your membership... no questions asked!
  • Cheap bait-and-switch offers followed by unexpected price hikes. While it's true that I'll probably raise the fee to access PSU before too long, your payment won't go up a dime! Your low membership fee is "locked for life" and will never be raised — so you're protected from any future price increases... guaranteed!

So here's the big question: How much does all this cost? Since Pro Speaker U uses a budget-friendly pay-as-you-go system (with no long-term commitments), you get unlimited access to all the resources in the PSU Library for an entire month for only $9.

Here's your chance to save BIG — Charter members of PSU can also get access to the Speaker Gym (normally $9 a month) and Finders Speakers (also $9 a month) for only $1 / month extra. That's right, for a very limited time you can get access to Pro Speaker U and Speaker Gym and Finders Speakers for only $10! But you must act fast — this limited-time offer will be withdrawn without prior notice!

Aspiring and beginning speakers understand the importance of owning a road map to success — knowing what to do and when to do it is essential when you're first getting started. The Library is chock-full of suggestions, warnings, tips, and guidance, all designed to help you succeed in this challenging — but very rewarding — industry.

Have you already started on your career as a pro speaker? Then as an established veteran, you recognize that the speaking industry is in turmoil, and the only way to thrive is to continually re-educate yourself! The resources in The Library are constantly being expanded and updated so PSU members can stay on top of the latest changes in this chaotic industry!

Here's the bottom line — if you're a professional who's paid to speak (or if that's your dream), you owe it to yourself to invest in your career!

Pro Speaker U was created with one purpose — to give aspiring professional speakers a way to make their dreams come true. I look forward to working with you in manifesting your dream career!

Jim Barber

Jim Barber

Creator, The Barber Shop's Pro Speaker U

PS – Don't forget about my special charter-member offer! Join PSU and Speaker Gym and Finders Speakers for only $10. This deal will be withdrawn after the first two hundred people sign up. Don't miss out — Join today!!


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Jim Barber

Creator, The Barber Shop's Pro Speaker U

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