Using Your PSU Dashboard

Your dashboard gives you convenient access to everything in Pro Speaker U.

You are automatically directed to your dashboard whenever you link to Pro Speaker U and are logged in. (If you link to PSU and are not logged in, you will be asked to provide your log-in credentials (user name and password) so that you can access your dashboard.)

dashboard logo (car speedometer)

From your dashboard, you can;

  • Access the Pro Speaker U Library
  • Search the Library for particular Sooths (search by topic or specific word or phrase)
  • Customize your access to Sooths (list your favorites, list the Sooths you haven't accessed yet, list the Sooths you've written notes for)
  • Access the Pro Speaker U Marketplace
  • Access your personal profile (change your password, user name, or email address)
  • Contact member services
  • Log out