Searching the Library

There are several different ways of searching for particular Sooths, all of them accessible from your dashboard.

  • The first way is to simply look at the entire list of Workout Room Sooths. Maybe you can tell from the title of the Sooth if it's what you're looking for.
  • The second way is to search the Library for Sooths falling under a particular topic. While PSU Sooths are frequently grouped together by topic anyway, that doesn't always happen. Simply select the topic you're interested in from the pull-down list, and explore the results.
  • The third way of searching is by word or phrase. Let's say you're interested in learning about budgets, but you're not sure exactly which topics those Sooths would fall under. Simply do a word-search for "budgets" and you'll immediately see all the Sooths that have the words "budget" or "budgets" in them.

There are other ways of searching for Sooths, not by their content, but by how (or if) you've explored them before. These methods are covered in the next exercise.