Advanced Searching

Another way to search for particular Sooths is by basing your search on how you've used the Sooths in the past.

For example, you can mark any Sooth(s) as a "favorite", and then from your dashboard, you can list all your favorite Sooths. (This is similar to the "bookmarking" feature that you may have used in browsing the Internet.)

Another possibility is for you to mark a Sooth as "finished"; then from your dashboard, you can either list all of the Sooths that you have not finished with, or all of the Sooths that you've already explored. (Note that simply going to a Sooth doesn't mark it as "finished". This is so that you can skim through a Sooth as many times as you want. You decide when you've finished with a Sooth!)

You can also list all the Sooths for which you've written a note to yourself. But to really understand this capability, you need to examine the difference between notes and comments. (See the next Sooth.)