50 Ways to Make Money as a Pro Speaker

According to the American singer-songwriter Paul Simon, there are "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover". Since income diversification is important to a pro speaker's business, it's fortunate that there are at least 50 ways for professional speakers to make money!

Most professional speakers are downright eager to make more money. But sometimes they suffer from a lack of imagination.

And that’s what this section is written to help with. I’ve listed 55 ways that professional speakers are making money. This is not an exhaustive list; with a little thought, I'm sure you'll think of even more possibilities. (I encourage members to note some of their ideas in the comments.)

Nor is this a checklist. You aren’t supposed to do every one of these. But looking over this list may spur your imagination to think of new ways of making some extra cash… or maybe even create an entire new profit center.

So put your thinking caps on, fasten your seatbelts, and fire up your imaginations. Here are 55 suggestions for making (more) money as a speaking professional —