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First, what is Professional Speakers Day? And what is the PSD Gratitude Board?

Professional Speakers Day is a day to recognize "the consummate professionals who help people through their oratorical skills." It's celebrated on August 7 of each year. (See "why August 7?" below.)

But why should you be limited to a single day to express your appreciation to those speaking professionals who have impacted your life? Through the years, professional speakers have spoken to live audiences who showed their appreciation through applause. But today's audiences are just as likely to experience speakers on their computers and mobile devices. It certainly works for those people who are hearing the message, but the speaker doesn't have the opportunity to "hear the applause".

I want to change that, so I've created the Pro Speaker Gratitude Board, where anyone can say "thanks" to their favorite speaking professionals on any day of the year.

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Is the PSD Gratitude Board a speakers' directory?

It's completely different. Although both a speakers' directory and the Gratitude Board are collections of information about pro speakers, a speakers' directory contains promotional material submitted by the speakers themselves, whereas the PSD Gratitude Board contains expressions of gratitude submitted by appreciative audience members (or YouTube watchers or blog readers or whatever) like you.

Furthermore, only members of a particular organization or membership site will generally be listed in a speakers' directory; but any pro speaker may be listed on the Gratitude Board, regardless of which organizations they belong to.

(If you're interested in exploring speakers' directories, you can check out the National Speakers Association's directory or The Barber Shop's own Finders Speakers. Or search for "speakers directory" using your favorite search engine, and you'll find all the directories that you could possibly want.)

Can I post something on the PSD appreciation page? When will my submission be shown on the board?

The Pro Speakers Gratitude Page is where people can express their appreciation to the pro speakers who have positively impacted their lives. Simply identify the particular speaker who you want to thank, and then say how that speaker made a difference in your life. You can give your name if you like, or you can submit an anonymous note. Your choice.

To avoid spamming and promotional materials, all submissions are reviewed first, and inappropriate postings will not be approved. And because real live human being(s) are doing the reviews, it could be a few days before your posting is approved and posted. Thanks for your patience.

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Who approves submissions? What are the criteria?

That would be me (Jim Barber, the official contact person for Professional Speakers Day), or someone I might get to help me out. Quite simply, if I feel that the intent of your submission isn't congruent with the purpose of the PSD Gratitude Page, I won't post it. No explanations. No apologies.

Can anyone make a Gratitude Post? How much does it cost? Does the pro speaker need to be alive?

Anyone can make a gratitude post about any professional speaker who has impacted them in a positive way, and it doesn't cost a thing. You can submit an expression of appreciation about any pro speaker, alive or deceased.

Why August 7?

There's nothing particularly significant about August 7. (Unless it's your birthday, in which case "Happy Birthday!" to you!) In the United States, there's sort of a holiday doldrums between Independence Day (occurring sometime around July 1) and Labor Day (occurring sometime around September 1), so I figured it would be nice to have a holiday about halfway between. I picked August 7. I sometimes wish I'd have picked August 8th instead, because 8/8 is easier to remember than 8/7. But I didn't think of that at the time.

I love listening to speakers, and I would really like to be a professional speaker myself. How do I go about it?

Pro Speaker U at ProSpeakerU.com has helped a lot of people move from "free speaking" to "fee speaking". If you want to get paid to express your opinions or ideas, check out Pro Speaker U.

I'm already a pro speaker. How do I get listed on the PSD Gratitude Board? Can I submit my own listing?

Just direct members of your "audience" (blog readers, YouTube watchers, and so on) to www.professionalspeakersday.com. As for submitting your own listing... you want to express appreciation to yourself for being so wonderful? Having a high self-esteem is great, but wouldn't it be better to get someone who's heard you to submit a note?

Why are you in charge of Professional Speakers Day?

Here's something that a lot of people don't know — anyone can declare any day to be a holiday. The hard part is getting it officially recognized by somebody. (National holidays are recognized by the appropriate national authority, local holidays by local governments, and so on.)

For over 50 years, Chase's Calendar of Events, "the most comprehensive and authoritative reference available on special events, worldwide holidays and festivals, civic observances, historic anniversaries, famous birthdays and much more", has recognized thousands of holidays, from small celebrations to huge extravaganzas. Chase's has recognized Professional Speakers Day for almost 20 years. To answer your question, I'm the official contact for PSD because I initially submitted Professional Speakers Day to Chase's for recognition.

Is Professional Speakers Day a national holiday?

That's a great idea! I'll work on it. Stay tuned.

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