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August 7 — Professional Speakers Day
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August 7 is Professional Speakers Day, a day celebrating the consummate professionals who help people through their oratorical skills. But on this Speaker Gratitude Board, you can "applaud" your favorite speaker on any day of the year.

Would you like to express appreciation to a professional speaker who's helped you? Just enter your note of gratitude, and I'll post it on the Gratitude Board. (I'll also do my best to see that the speaker knows about it and "hears" your applause!)

Please note that this is a "gratitude board". This is not a place to review speakers, or to criticize them, or to post anything except heartfelt appreciation. If you want to know more about the Speaker Gratitude Board, here are some Frequently Asked Questions that you might find helpful.

2 Notes of Gratitude have been submitted so far —

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Patricia Fripp

Fripp is helpful, practical, and downright fun! I've heard her speak several times, and she's always an incredible storyteller. I've never seen anyone who "owns" the stage like Fripp. Thank you, Patricia Fripp!

J. F., Atlanta GA

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Ray Pelletier

Although Ray passed several years ago, his message that it's never too late to make a new start ("Every day is January 1") is a continuing inspiration to me.

You've gotten me through some tough times. Thanks, Ray!