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Is your professional speaking career a well-kept secret?
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Are You a Well-Kept Secret?
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Here's the thing — people who hire speakers are looking for you! They need your message! They want to give you money!

But first they've got to know about you. And then they've got to find you.

Because if they don't know about you, they can't look for you. And if they can't find you, they can't hire you. And if they can't hire you, your career will continue to be a closely-held secret. ("Top Secret" is good if you're a spy. It's lousy if you're a speaker!)

One of the biggest problems that professional speakers and trainers face today is figuring out how to get people to look at their websites, blogs, and other Internet marvels. Do you know why they don't look at your wonderful website? They don't know that it's there!

Fortunately, professional speakers now have Speaker Promo!

Speaker Promo gives you three highly effective way to promote yourself, your products and services, and your speaker's business in general —

The first is Finders Speakers, the place where meeting planners find the speakers they need. There are a number of great reasons why you should be listed in Finders Speakers!

  • Let's start with the obvious reason — marketing! Everyone knows the importance of marketing, but few people like to do it. If you're just starting out, Finders Speakers is an easy, convenient way to run your marketing campaign. (And if you're not just starting out, you understand that you can never have too much marketing. Can you afford not to seize an easy way to market yourself more?)

  • Another reason you need Finders Speakers is privacy! You certainly want people to be able to contact you, but only the right people. And when you put your email address on your directory entry (or worse yet, your website), you're just asking to be bombarded with limitless spam solicitations.

    But with Finders Speakers, you get your own private contact capability, so meeting planners can easily reach you without your ever disclosing your email address. If you're listing your email address on your website, you need to stop it immediately and start using Finders Speakers!

  • With most speakers' directories, you get a single, "cookie-cutter" listing where you're expected to describe yourself and all your programs and products and services in just a few words. But each entry in Finders Speaker has no limit on its size. That's right — there's no counting of words (or even worse, characters!) to determine how big your Finders Speakers entry can be. You make it as big as it needs to be! (And isn't that the way it should be?)

    "But wait, there's more!" Experienced pros will advise you that you need to "stand out from the crowd", but how can you stand out when your short directory listing looks just like everyone else's? That's why you can format your entry in Finders Speakers to make it look more visually appealing. Use color or highlighting, insert images, change the font size... you have almost unlimited formatting options to make your Finders Speakers entry catch the eye of the people who are looking to hire speakers!

This would be impressive if you had only one entry in Finders Speakers to use. But Speakers Promo comes with seven different entries. So you can promote your keynote in one listing, your training programs in another, your consulting services in a third, and still have four more listings for anything else you want to promote. When you consider the cost-per-listing, the price of a listing in Finders Speakers drops to just pennies a day!

But wait! There's more!!!

At the risk of sounding like a late-night infomercial, there's more to come... a lot more! You see, Speakers Promo also allows you to place any (or all) of your seven entries in The Barber Shop Bookstore!

But you're still not done....

Wyze Words here....

If that's not enough, here's your chance to save BIG — To introduce all of The Barber Shop's services to as many people as possible, Charter Members of Finders Speakers can also get access to the Speaker Gym and Pro Speaker U (normally $9 a month for each of them) for only an additional $1 / month. Total. That's right, for a very limited time you can get a month's access to Finders Speakers, Pro Speaker U and Speaker Gym — a $27 value — for only $10! But you must act fast — this limited-time offer will be withdrawn without prior notice!

Both beginning speakers and established professionals understand the vital importance of marketing in this highly-competitive industry. And Finders Speakers is the most cost-effective way for you to promote yourself to the people who hire speakers!

I created Finders Speakers with one idea in mind — to give professional speakers an inexpensive and effective way of marketing themselves to the people who hire speakers! I look forward to helping you move your career to the next level.

Jim Barber

Jim Barber
Creator, The Barber Shop's Finders Speakers Showcase

PS – Don't forget about my special charter-member offer! Join Finders, PSU and Speaker Gym for only $10. This deal will be withdrawn after the first 200 hundred people sign up. Don't miss out — Join today!!


Finders Speakers

The Movie

The blockbuster must-see video of the year!

(Thirsty? Hungry? Our concession stand is open to serve you!)

Note: The video says that Finders Speakers is bundled into Pro Speaker U; that's no longer true — now they're two separate capabilities. (However, for a limited time, you can get Finders Speakers and Pro Speaker U and Speaker Gym for only $1 more than Finders alone. An unbelievable bargain!)


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Because you're joining Finders Speakers during its Grand Opening, you're a Charter Member. And Charter Members get something special! Choose from two ways to save —

  • First, you can save money by joining Finders and PSU and the Gym for only $1 more. (Why not? Any pro, regardless of level of experience, can always use both business tips and platform guidance.) The monthly fee for joining Finders Speakers is only $9, but you can join Finders, Speaker Gym and Pro Speaker U for only $10!

    But it gets even better....

  • If you subscribe to Finders for 5 months at the regular price of $9 / month ($45 total), I'll throw in a 6th month at no charge, and I'll also give you a 6-month membership in Pro Speaker U and Speaker Gym — free! That a $162 value for only $45!

It's your choice how much you save. Just choose the JOIN button that's right for you, and meeting planners can start finding you today!

I'm very proud of Finders Speakers and I look forward to working with you in promoting your pro speaking career!

Jim Barber

Creator, The Barber Shop's Finders Speakers

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