How to Create Memorable Sound Bites
Don't Just Be Heard... Be Remembered!
Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 9:00pm to 10:00pm — $ 7.00
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We live in a society of short attention spans. If you can't express yourself quickly and succinctly, you run the distinct danger of people tuning you out, of their not listening to you.

We are also overdosing on information, so even if someone listens to you, there's a pretty good chance they won't remember what you've said. So it's not enough to say something quickly — you have to say it in a way that people remember it. And better yet, repeat what you say to others!

It's a common problem that we all face. Fortunately, there's a "magical" solution....

You need to learn to speak in sound bites.

Politicians have long known the value of speaking in sound bites. So have advertising and marketing gurus. And successful professional speakers understand the power of sound bites. But in today's society, it's getting to where everyone can benefit from developing and using their own sound bites.

In this OMG, you will explore —

  • the process of coming up with something to say, then refining it to make it as short and as memorable as possible.

  • how to get in the habit of using sound bites in much of your daily communications... both spoken and written.

  • the different types of 'condensed communication', from 'elevator speeches' to quips to attention-grabbing statements to the classic "sound bite" itself.

(Of course, it's unrealistic to expect you to remember everything in the hour-long OMG, so you'll receive a recording of the session that you can review at your leisure.)

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