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Does the idea of speaking to a group of people fill you with dread? Do you know what you want to say, but somehow it doesn't come out the way you wanted when you do say it? Do you feel "left behind" in your job — or in life — because of your speaking skills?

Before You Join!

  • Are you considering going to a Toastmasters meeting? This list of Toastmasters terms and acronyms will help you understand what's going on!
  • Even if you're not considering Toastmasters, you'll benefit from understanding the Public Speakers Jargon that all speakers need to know!
  • Finally, you're welcome to browse the Gym's library of resources.
  • Like what you see? Join the Gym today!

Have you ever admired a powerful, effective speaker and said "I wish I could do that"? Does the thought of using a microphone make you even more nervous than usual (if that's possible)? Are you eager to strengthen your speaking skills... but you don't know how to go about it?

You'll find suggestions (and warnings), tips, techniques, general guidance, and much, much more in the Speaker Gym. (Here's a list of what's currently in the Gym. More Savvies are being continually added!)

In the Speaker Gym, you'll strengthen your communications skills by exploring topics like:

  • How do you write a speech that won't bore your audience? Even more important, how can you give a presentation without boring your audience to tears?
  • Many people find that writing a speech is a chore. But editing your speech can be even harder than writing it! (And every well-written speech is also well-edited.) How can you figure out what needs to stay, and what needs to go?
  • What are the different types of microphones, and what are their advantages and disadvantages? More important, how do you use each one correctly?
  • You've got something important to say. But how can you say it so that people will listen? The Gym is chock-full of tips and techniques to improve your speaking skills!

These topics — and many more — are waiting for you in the Speaker Gym. But there are some things that you won't find in the Gym....

What's NOT in the Speaker Gym?

  • Useless ivory-tower theory — In each Savvy you'll explore one practical, "truth from the trenches" real-world concept which will help make you into a speaker that people listen to.
  • Lengthy meetings or time-wasting presentations — Each Savvy is designed to be explored in less than 10 minutes, so it doesn't impact your busy schedule.
  • Long term commitments or contracts — Simply make a low ($9) monthly payment as long as you benefit from the Gym; whenever you no longer need its guidance, just cancel your membership... no questions asked!
  • Cheap bait-and-switch offers followed by unexpected price hikes. While raising the monthly fee to access the Gym is a distinct possibility, your membership fee won't go up a dime! Your low monthly fee is "locked for life" and will never be raised — you're protected from any future price increases... guaranteed!

Now you might be asking, does the Gym replace Toastmasters? Of course not! Toastmasters is an excellent place to practice your speaking skills, and I highly recommend finding and joining a good club. (I've been an active member of Toastmasters for over a quarter of a century!)

But some Toastmasters clubs are better than others. And even the best Toastmasters clubs often aren't very good at showing you how to improve your speaking skills. And that's where Speaker Gym comes in!

Speaker Gym is filled with practical and easy-to-implement suggestions, tips, and techniques that you can use immediately to start improving your speeches and presentations. No waiting for meetings or webinars to begin. You want help now? Speaker Gym gives it to you... now!

So here's the big question: How much does all this cost? Since Speaker Gym uses a budget-friendly pay-as-you-go system (with no long-term commitments), you get unlimited access to all the resources in the Gym for an entire month for only $9. (Here's a list of what's currently in the Gym. More Savvies are being continually added!)

Here's your chance to save BIG — Charter members of Speaker Gym also get access to Pro Speaker U (normally $9 a month) and Finders Speakers (also $9 monthly) for only $1 / month extra. That's right, for a very limited time you can get access to Speaker Gym and Pro Speaker U and Finders Speakers for only $10! But you must act fast — this limited-time offer will be withdrawn without prior notice!

In today's communication-dependent world, good presentation skills are no longer good enough. Your presentation skills need to be top-notch, the best that they can be.

And to get there, practice is not enough. You need practical guidance that you can immediately implement. You need Speaker Gym.

I created Speaker Gym so that you can improve your speaking and presentation skills — without disrupting your schedule and without busting your budget! I look forward to working with you in strengthening your speaking skills!

Jim Barber

"Speaker Jim" Barber
Creator, The Barber Shop's Speaker Gym

PS – Don't forget about my special charter-member offer! Join Speaker Gym and PSU and Finders for only $10. This deal will be withdrawn after the first two hundred people sign up. Don't miss out — Join today!!


Speaker Gym Contents

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