Speak With Confidence and Power!

  • Does the idea of speaking to a group of people fill you with dread?

  • Do you know what you want to say, but somehow it never comes out the way you want?

  • Do you feel "left behind" in your career — or in life — because of poor speaking skills?

  • Are you eager to strengthen your speaking skills... but you don't know how to go about it?


Then you need to work out at the gym... but not just any gym. You need Speaker Gym!

Speaker Gym is a free podcast chock-full of useful suggestions (and a few dire warnings), tips, techniques, insights, general guidance, and much, much more.

But Speaker Gym is more than a simple podcast. While you're listening to an episode on your phone, you can tap the "message" button and ask a question, and I'll answer your question in an upcoming episode! So Speaker Gym isn't just a podcast, it's a dialogue! (Note: "message" is only available when you're listening to Speaker Gym on Anchor.fm.)

But wait, there's more!

Speaker Gym is also a website (you're looking at it right now), and on the website I'll offer suggestions and guidance that don't necessarily lend themselves to an audio podcast.

In today's communication-dependent world, good presentation skills are no longer good enough. Your presentation skills need to be top-notch, the best that they can be. You need Speaker Gym.

I created Speaker Gym so that you can improve your speaking and presentation skills at your convenience, without disrupting your schedule. I look forward to working with you in strengthening your speaking skills!

Jim Barber

"Speaker Jim" Barber
The Barber Shop's Speaker Gym


Speaker Gym Gems

photo of dictionary

Glossary of Toastmasters Terms — Like many organizations, Toastmasters International has its own terms and acronyms. But Toastmasters doesn't just have a few, they have lots. Newcomers to the organization can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of them all, so this glossary attempts to explain as many of the standard ones as possible.

Other good stuff will be added to Speaker Gym over time. Check back again!