Speaker Gym is composed of two main areas — the "Workout Room" and the "Marketplace".

  • The Workout Room is where you go to strengthen your communication skills. As you might expect, the Workout Room is composed of a series of "Exercises", each of which focuses on one particular topic or skill. We respect your time, so each Exercise is designed to be completed in just a few minutes (usually about 5 minutes each).

    The Exercises are arranged in an order that makes sense to you; however, you do not need to do the Exercises in the sequence they're presented. Feel free to jump to any particular Exercise that looks helpful or interesting. You can spend as much (or as little) time on each Exercise as you need, and you can return to any Exercise whenever you want, as many times as you want.

  • sidewalk market

  • The Marketplace is another place to strengthen your communication skills. However, the benefits in the Marketplace are not offered solely by the Speaker Gym; instead, Speaker Gym makes available a wide range of products and services offered by many communications specialists. When you need products or services to help you improve your communication skills beyond what you find in the Workout Room, check out the Speaker Gym Marketplace!

You can easily access anything in the Speaker Gym through your personal dashboard. So let's take a look at your dashboard next....