It's quick and easy to get to wherever you want to be in the Speaker Gym!

man holding compass

The most straightforward way of getting around Speaker Gym is by using the "Gym / PSU GPS". All of the Exercises in Speaker Gym (as well as all of the Sooths in Pro Speaker U) can be found via the GPS. Both the Gym and PSU are organized in a "tree structure" that enables you to quickly locate any particular Exercise or Sooth. So from any given point, you can see the entries both above and below your current location.

When you want to get to an Exercise that isn't listed in the GPS, simply click on the Exercise that you think might be the "parent" of the one you want. All of the Exercises which comprise that particular Exercise group will then be displayed.

You can also navigate to the "next" or "previous" Exercise in the sequence by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of each Exercise. Similarly, you can move "up" one level on the tree by selecting the UP link.