Welcome to Finders Speakers!

At first glance, Finders Speakers is a directory of speakers. But look closer and you'll see that Finders isn't just any speakers' directory — it's different in several ways from ordinary, run-of-the-mill directories!

For one thing, Finders Speakers offers an wide choice of speakers — from no-fee public speakers to professional speakers — who speak on a variety of topics. And when you find a speaker that you want to contact, you reach the speaker directly... there's no "middleman" to go through. Finally, any compensation is strictly between you and the speaker — Finders Speakers accepts no commission from either you or them!

Finders Speakers is committed to doing one thing and one thing only — helping you to find the speakers, trainers, emcees, voice-over talents, facilitators, entertainers, moderators... whoever you need to make your next event a special event.

What does it cost to use Finders Speakers?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Bupkus. Using Finders is free. You don't have to join anything. Unlike some other sites, we don't want to know a lot of personal information. We don't want your email address or your first name. We don't even want to know when your birthday is.

(But we do care. If your birthday is coming up anytime soon, just click here.)

Finders Speakers does just one thing — it helps you find the right speaker for your next meeting or event!

How do I use Finders Speakers?

Jigsaw puzzle with missing piece

Finding the right speaker is like finding the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. And Finders Speakers is here to help!

Fortunately, using Finders couldn't be easier. Just select Find a Speaker and type whatever you're looking for in the search box. If you're looking for a specific speaker, just enter their last name. (Or first name. Or nickname. Or whatever you think will enable you to find the speaker you want.)

If you're looking for a speaker on customer service, just enter "customer service". If you want a speaker who speaks on technology issues, just enter "technology". If you want a speaker who works with children, enter "children OR youth". Easy!

What do I do when I find a speaker I like?

When you find a speaker that you might want for your next event, you have a couple of options...

  • If you want to contact the speaker, look for their preferred contact method(s) in the listing. Otherwise, just drop them a line by clicking "Contact the Speaker". Your message will be emailed directly to the speaker — Finders Speakers doesn't act as a "middleman" in any fashion, whether in the initial stages of contact or the eventual hiring of a speaker you like. All communications are between you and the speaker.

  • Man signaling thumbs up
  • If you want to tag the speaker for later consideration while you explore other possibilities, mark them as a "Candidate". Then you can get a list of all your Candidates at any time by selecting List My Candidates.

    Your personal list of Candidates is kept for 30 days (or until you delete your device's cookies), giving you plenty of time to develop your list of possible speakers. You can remove the Candidate's designation whenever you want. And, of course, no one else knows which speakers you've marked as your favorites.

    (Not even the speakers know that you've marked them as a Candidate. Marking a speaker's listing as a candidate is completely confidential. The speaker is told that their listing has been marked (but not who marked them), but only so that they won't delete their listing until you're finished with it.)

How do I get listed in Finders Speakers?

If you're only interested in finding speakers, you can quit reading. You've already seen everything you need to know about using Finders Speakers.

Several small coins

But if you're a speaker who yearns to be found, a speaker who wants to move your career to the next level....

You need to be listed in Finders Speakers now! Fortunately, getting listed is quick, easy, and inexpensive. You get five (count 'em, 5!) separate listings in Finders Speakers for less than $10 a month. (Even less if you take advantage of one of our deals!)

There are no organizations or associations to join, you don't give up any percentage of your fees, all communications are between you and the person who is looking to hire you, and there are no long-term commitments to sign! Just go around to the Finders Speakers' Stage Door to explore how to boost your career by joining the Finders Speakers Showcase of Speakers!