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Welcome to Finders Speakers,
the exciting new way to find today's top presentation pros!

Whether you're looking for keynoters, trainers, entertainers, facilitators, emcees, voice-over artists, or other type of "speaker", you'll find new and exciting talents for your next event at Finders Speakers. Just tap the "Find a Speaker" button or start your search here!

When you find speakers that interest you, mark them as "keepers" so that you can easily refer back to them later! (Your privacy is important to us, so your list of "keepers" is completely confidential! Nobody – except you, of course – knows which speakers you've marked.)

It's free to use Finders Speakers! There's no charge, cost, fee or commission to pay. You don't have to register or even give us your email address.

IMPORTANT — Finders Speakers suggests speakers for you to consider, but that's the extent of our involvement. All contact is between you and the speakers you're interested in! Finders Speakers is not involved in the process in any way.