Finders Speakers

For immediate release: August 24, 2017
Jim Barber
The Barber Shop

New Marketing Opportunities for Presentation Professionals

The Barber Shop announced its newest resource for professional speakers — the Finders Speakers directory of professional speakers. Finders Speakers ( has several benefits which make it an improvement over traditional speakers directories:

  • While many speakers directories are subject to standards and criteria which aspiring pro speakers may simply not be able to meet, Finders Speakers has no income requirements or speaking fee minimums, so speakers at any level of their careers can be listed in Finders Speakers.
  • Being listed in many speakers directories is expensive, possibly costing hundreds of dollars each year. While this isn't a problem with speakers who have already established profitable careers, it can be cost-prohibitive to aspiring and emerging speakers. Speakers pay a low monthly fee (currently $9) to be listed in Finders Speakers, with no long-term contracts or commitments.
  • Traditional speakers directories are template-based, providing speakers with a single listing of a fixed length and format. Finders Speakers provides each speaker with up to 5 separate listings, so the speakers can promote their speeches, products, and services in separate listings. (This drops the monthly cost-per-listing to $1.80, making it among the most cost-effective marketing tools available to pro speakers.) Each Finders' listing has no maximum length, and can be completely customized to meet the needs of the individual speaker.
  • Some speakers directories prohibit direct contact between the speaker and a potential client, possibly even charging a commission on any business the speaker receives because of the directory. Other directories do allow people to contact the speakers directly, but they do so by listing the speaker's email address, opening the way for the speaker to be spammed by unscrupulous hackers. Finders Speakers is not involved in the client-speaker process (and so charges no commission), but Finders' Private Contact System provides direct contact without the speakers ever revealing their email addresses.

"Finders Speakers is an innovative marketing resource which, although it was designed specifically to meet the needs of aspiring and emerging pro speakers, can greatly benefit experienced professionals too," said Jim Barber, founder and creator of The Barber Shop and Finders Speakers. "If you're a speaking pro and you're tired of being a well-kept secret, Finders Speakers will change that!"

About The Barber Shop: The Barber Shop is a website which has met the needs of public and professional speakers for the past 20 years. In 2000, PC World magazine recognized The Barber Shop to be among the top ten websites for professional speakers. In 2017, The Barber Shop became a portal to four other websites for public and professional speakers; Finders Speakers is the first of these, and the other three websites are scheduled to launch in the next few weeks.