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What is BOOGIE? BOOGIE is a silly name for a serious activity.

In short, BOOGIE is affordable, convenient coaching and consulting with Jim Barber.

If that doesn't interest you, you can quit reading right now. However, if you are interested, consider this....

Getting to know Jim through pictures....

Jim at the Gym

"Wake Up and Dream On!"

Dress for Success!

Toastie Rock Stars!

Relaxing after my Talk

FSA's Bill Gove award!

Ali Meets Barber!

Boogie On!
Why should you BOOGIE?

Here are some of the ways that a little BOOGIE-time will benefit you —

  • Prepping for a TED Talk — Are you going to give a TED Talk at a TEDx event? This could be the opportunity of a lifetime, so you don't want to go in unprepared! Spending some time with Jim could be the difference between your Talk laying an egg or going viral!

  • Strengthening your presentation skills — Do you want to strengthen your speaking skills, but Toastmasters isn't the answer for you? Jim has been an active member of Toastmasters for over 30 years and is the creator of the "Speaker Gym" podcast, so he knows how to speak effectively. From polishing your speech to connecting with an audience, Jim can help you strengthen your speaking skills!

  • Becoming a pro speaker — Do you want to make the move "from free to fee", but you don't know how to go about it? Jim created the "Pro Speaker U" podcast, and he specializes in helping people make the transition from being a public speaker to a fee-paid pro!

  • Making your speaking business more profitable — Are you already a pro speaker, but you want to move your business to a new level? Jim is the author of "The Complete Professional Speaker's Office Kit" and has been – twice president of the Florida Speakers Association, so he understands the business of speaking.

Why is BOOGIE different?

Getting advice and guidance from Jim through the BOOGIE program is both affordable and convenient! Jim uses the Zoom platform, so you get personalized, individual guidance without leaving the comfort of your home or office. And Jim's hours are pretty flexible, so you're almost guaranteed to find a time to talk that's mutually convenient! As for affordability, read on....

What do you need to BOOGIE?

Since BOOGIEing with Jim is done online, you need an electronic device (laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc) with a broadband connection to the Internet. You also need a microphone and speaker (probably built-in to your device); finally, if you want Jim to be able to see you, you also need a camera (again, this is probably built-in).

That's it! Prior to your session, Jim will provide you with the URL with which you can connect with him (via Zoom). You don't need a Zoom account — you'll use Jim's. So the odds are high that you've already got everything you need to BOOGIE with Jim!

So what does it cost to BOOGIE with Jim?

I want to keep BOOGIE affordable for even the most cash-strapped individual, so here's exactly what it costs:

  • For those quick, one-time questions, you can BOOGIE with me for 15 minutes for only $25.

  • Need more time? Talk with me for a half hour for only $40.

  • Want to discuss things with me for an entire hour? It's a bargain for only $50!

And that's it. No contracts to sign. No multi-hour packages (unless you want it). No long-term commitments.

Why so cheap? Just as you can talk from the comfort of your home or office, so can I! I've got no travel costs, no scheduling hassles, and almost no overhead... and I pass the savings on to you!

Ready to start? Let's BOOGIE!

To arrange your own personal BOOGIE session, just fill out this little contact-form and I'll get back to you and set up a mutually-convenient time. Easy!

Although I like helping lots of people through my podcasts, Speaker Gym and Pro Speaker U, and smaller groups through my OMGs (Online Mastery Groups), I especially enjoy helping individuals through a personal consultation via BOOGIE. I look forward to talking with you soon!

Jim Barber

"Speaker Jim" Barber
The Barber Shop's Speaker Gym, Pro Speaker U, Finders Speakers, etc.