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Experts agree that your professional success depends primarily on your human relations skills.

To see the truth in this, consider the "fast-track" professionals you know. It's not necessarily technical expertise, hard knowledge or even superior intelligence that makes them so effective in their roles. It's their exceptional skill in handling people and situations — the kind of skill that propels careers, boosts productivity and ensures job satisfaction.

In just one day you'll be empowered to...

  • Increase the level of help and support you get from employees, coworkers and managers
  • Project an impressive image of self-confidence, professionalism and competency
  • Take more satisfaction from your job and increase your sense of achievement at work
  • End the stress that difficult people and negative situations cause you
  • See your opinions and ideas accepted, acted on and implemented
  • Influence your promotions, raises, responsibilities and future career path

What makes them so valuable? In this do-more-in-less-time world, it's paramount that your message persuades people to act the very first time they see or hear it.

This two day workshop will provide you with the confidence to:
• Tailor your message to achieve complete buy-in on your ideas and proposals.
• Disarm others' "hot buttons" and put people at ease.
• Win arguments without losing friends.
• Maintain your composure and control even when someone is right in your face.
• Decode body language to understand what people are really saying.
• Become so persuasive that your requests are rarely denied.